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About Us

Universal wellness is the brainchild of Ms. Reet Rupani, a wellness
entrepreneur and blogger. She is a certified Access bars therapist and Sound
healing coach. The center specializes in Access bars therapy and Sound healing
therapy. The center was started with an aim to help people to be in harmony
with their inner self. The various therapies provided at Universal Wellness helps
in removing energy blockages in the body and retuning and reprogramming the
mind. This in-turn rejuvenates and helps regain our lost energy. These therapy
sessions allow you to let go of all the limitations of your life and live a relaxed life.

Certified Access Consciousness Bars Therapist
certified sound healing coach, counselor[pgdcp]


Universal Wellness aims to provide a safe space for people for healing and maintaining harmonic order of the body by generating vibratory frequencies using Sound Healing, a Tibetan technique with singing bowls                                              and gongs.                                                                                                 


Universal Wellness was started with a purpose to help people live a harmonious life with the help of Sound Healing and Bars Therapy. We believe in providing a one-stop solution to benefit people through our variety of services to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic depression, traumas, and other ailments.

Deals with trauma and stress


The Sound healing therapy sessions help in dealing with past emotional traumas and stress. They also help reduce anxiety and depression and anxiety related to the trauma.  Personal Sound healing sessions are provided.

No medication

This treatment requires no medication. The only medications you receive in these sessions are the vibrations and energies which helps in healing of the mind and body.

No side effects


Sometimes, medications can have adverse effects on the body. But with the bars and sound healing therapy sessions, there are no adverse effects. The only side effects are calmness, mindfulness and balanced chakras.

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9326316736, 8329544677


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