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By REEt rupani

Access Bars Therapy

The access bars therapy session offers a  well-ordered process and tools which enables an individual to work in consciousness in regular day to day life. The session helps bring relaxation and opens one to change and mindfulness.

Sound Healing Therapy

A sound healing treatment uses tones of sounds and vibrations generated from the Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. These vibratory frequencies help to maintain the regular tune in the body to recover our lost energy and heal the mind.

Medicine for your mind and soul

The medicine helps the body to recover to its normal form. The access bars and sound healing therapy acts as a medicine for the body and soul. These therapy sessions help to maintain the well being of physical and emotional health.


The Access Bars is a therapy session that involves touching 32 points on your head which releases the blockages that do not allow you to receive. These points or bars contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and feelings that you have stored in any lifetime. During an Access Bars session, a specialist gently touches these bars to release the energy blockages, thoughts, attitudes, choices, and convictions that may have limited you in the concerned life areas.


A sound healing therapy session includes sitting or resting while at the same time tuning in to the sounds from the singing bowls which generate harmonic vibrations. Sound healing deals with vibration. These sound vibrations enable your body to heal itself and shifts from being diseased to being at ease. It simply aligns the body to the vibrations to remove energy blockages. Sound healing treatment uses vibrations to improve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Wellness Sessions


Corporate sessions

The corporate sound healing sessions benefit the organization as well as the individual. This therapy session provides an insight into various issues faced by the staff and the organization. It helps improve productivity and performance, boosts creativity, reduces stress and enhances earning and memory.

Personal sessions

The personal sound healing sessions aim at helping the individual deal with issues related to depression, stress and ailments like blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, migraine and severe headache. These sessions empower the individual to improve their physical, mental and emotional state and spiritual health.

Family sessions

The family healing sessions are helpful for those dealing with family and relationship issues. The session aims at helping families remove the energy blockages and strengthen the family bonds. These therapy sessions help bring back harmony and peace in relationships and families.


Thank you so much, Reet for giving us such a powerful session and for taking us on the right track. I know that if I will take regular sessions then it will eventually help me. Once again thank you so much for such a relaxing therapy.

Sapna Motwani

I had an amazing experience. Thank you for providing with your lovely sound healing therapy. I would like to attend more sessions.

Priti Khurana

Universal Wellness Center is a center for emotional, psychical and mental health. Reet Rupani is very much devoted to her therapy. She has a soul that radiates positive vibes. I had personally experienced her therapy sessions and would recommend others to take advantage of this beautiful opportunity.

Dharmendra Verma

International Peace Ambassador – Reet Rupani


Reet Rupani, the creative mind behind Universal Wellness, is a wellness entrepreneur and blogger. She is a certified Access Consciousness Bars therapist and Sound Healing Coach. Universal Wellness is an access bar therapy and sound healing therapy center based in Nagpur. She was recently awarded the honor of becoming a Peace Ambassador at the 16th International Peace Conference by the Center for Peace Studies, Sri Lanka to promote the United Nations sustainable development goal 2030 agenda. She has vowed to work towards the cause of women rights at national and UN platforms.

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